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➤Vrikshasana(Tree pose)【Steps , Benefits ,Contradictions】





If you are a student or an employee having a low level of Concentration is the major issue among us. some peoples are born with that god gift and some of us are not. And then we think that maybe we are not eligible for this noble gift of God, But as you know some gifts are given and some gifts which you have to earn by yourself. Yoga is the way to earn it. To improve it.

What is Vrikshasana? Meaning

If you are one of our readers you know that we always talk ab0ut learn from nature. Vrikshasana is better to be known as  TREE POSE in this pose your body posture will be like a steady, straight tree. By this pose, you can take control over body and mind to improve your mental strength and strengthen your roots by means your leg and feet muscles, Now we know exactly what is Vrikshasana, Lets get some information about how you can perform it and is it the right yoga for you.

How to do Vrikshasana? 【Steps 】

  • Stand straight with your both arms side with your body
  • Bend your right knee and place your right foot up to your right thigh
  • Your left leg should be straight and try to find your balance point
  • once you maintained balance take a deep breath and raise your hand up above the head and gently down your palms joint near your chest in NAMASTE pose
  • while in the pose concentrate on an object which is not your body part which will help you to improve your body balance
  • During the pose keep taking a deep breath and keep a sweet sweet smile on your face and which the exhale of your breath relief all negativity and anxiety away from yourself
  • after that with slowing your breath gently bring down you’re both of your hand to your side
  • and you may slowly release your right leg down
  • Now stand straight in the beginning pose and start the pose with the left foot to the right thigh and the cycle goes on.


Benefits of vrikshasana-

  • Vrikshasana helps you in the sciatic nerve pain
  • It brings peace and balance to your mind
  • It improves concentration
  • while standing straight like a tree it improves the blood flow in legs which makes your legs stronger
  • it helps you to improve your pelvic stability
  • This pose also strengthens your shoulders inner ears and eyes
  • keeps your spine straight and improve your posture
  • improves the flexibility of your spine
  • Tone your legs
  • very good for growing kids improves their concentration

Contradictions of vrikshasana (Precaution to take)

  • vrikshasana(TREE POSE) is a simple pose which increases your stability while working on your stability be aware of  your surroundings while doing vrikshasana avoid injury in case you fall or lose your balance
  • if you are patient of blood pressure do this pose for a short period of time, Do not overdo it is not good to stretch your arm for a long time  overhead for a blood pressure patient
  • the inpatient of arthritis should avoid this pose

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We have given all the details about Vrikshasana above in detail.  We hope you like it.  We will keep trying to bring such useful articles even further.  Vrikshasana is very beneficial, we hope you will practice it.

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