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Yoga Types

Basic Types Of Yoga

Did you know that there are actually nine basic Types of yoga? You will find an overview below of each of the different styles of yoga which you can learn.




welcome to our site.  We bring Yoga related content to our site.  We talked about what yoga is in the previous post, today we will tell you in detail about the basic type of yoga.

Yoga originated in India.  Gradually, the importance of yoga increased and yoga became famous all over the world.  There is a lot of mention in the ancient scriptures of India.  There are many scriptures that provide knowledge of yoga.  Some of which are given below: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradapika, Gheraad Samhita.
Based on these, there are some basic types of yoga given below.

Basic Types Of  Yoga

  • 1. Hatha Yoga
  • 2. Karma Yoga
  • 3. Gyan Yoga
  • 4.Bhakti Yoga
  • 5. Raj Yoga
  • 6. Ashtang Yoga

1. Hatha yoga

The first type of yoga is hatha yoga.  Hatha Yoga is interpreted in two ways. We will tell you both ways.

First meaning: HA means Sun and THA means lunar.  It means that hatha yoga is made up of sun and moon.  The Sun is our soul and we have the support to live, which keeps our respiration, keeps us alive and the moon is responsible for our emission action, it determines the emission action.

Second Meaning: The second meaning of Hatha is coercion.  Doing yoga with force and doing yoga even by suffering the body is called Hatha Yoga.

2. Karma yoga

The original meaning of Karma Yoga is described very well in the Bhagavad Gita.  Every human being, animal, bird, all living beings do their deeds in the right way, that is considered to be yoga.  Karmayoga is created simply by keeping karma in mind.  Which means doing the right karma is considered to be yoga.

In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Shri Krishna says that one should perform karma and should not expect success.  God has the right to give success.  God will give you success according to your hard work.

3. Gyan yoga

The basic meaning of Gyan Yoga is to get true knowledge in the right way.  Gyan Yoga believes that to receive knowledge in the right and true way is called Yoga.  You gain knowledge from the point of view of Gyan Yoga, that is the way to do Gyan yoga.

4 . Bhakti Yoga

Believing in God, reverence in God, worshiping and serving God with true mind is called Bhakti Yoga.  Bhakti Yoga says that God is there and should worship and serve him, that is your Bhakti Yoga.

5. Raj yoga

The basic meaning of Raj Yoga is to do yoga without diligence and to do yoga in such a way that the body does not suffer.  In Raja Yoga there is a method to subdue the main mind.  There is a method to connect the mind to meditation.  Hard yoga is not given importance in Raj Yoga.  Raj yoga includes meditation-like activities to control the mind.  Such yoga is called Raja Yoga.

6. Ashtang Yog

  • Ashtanga Yoga has been created by Maharsipatanjali.  In Ashtanga yoga, Maharishi Patanjali has taken the type of yoga in his own way.  All those types are given in Ashtanga Yoga.  Ashtanga yoga means 8 types of yoga. Which is as below.
  • 1. Yama
  • 2. niyam
  • 3. asana
  • 4. pranayama
  • 5. pratyahara
  • 6. dharna
  • 7. meditation
  • 8. samadhi

To know ashtanga yoga in detail– click here

We have given the basic type of yoga in detail in the above article.  We hope that this information will definitely help you.  We try to give as much good information as possible.    We will continue to bring such good articles even further.

If you liked our today’s topic – basic types of yoga, then share it with your relatives and friends.  Thank you from the heart for visiting our site.

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