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Swadhisthana(Sacral) Chakra【Benefits,Activation, Location,Color】




There are 7 chakras inside the human body. today we are going to discuss about the seond number Chakra.  This Chakra is called Swadhisthana(Sacral).

These Chakras are very important in human life.  If all these chakras become imbalance, then the life of a human becomes sad. The man remains unhappy, both physically and mentally.All these chakras are active, that man is always happy.

Today we will try to give you all kinds of information about one of these Chakra Swadhisthana.  Keep reading further.

What does swadhisthana mean? Swadhishthana chakra meaning.

Swadhisthana is a Sanskrit word.  It is made up of two words: Swa and Adhishthana. Swa means self and adhyastha means adobe or Established.

This chakra is also called Sacral chakra in English. But everyone in the world knows it by the Sanskrit name.  Of all the types of Chakra, this chakra is of the second number.

How to pronounce Swadhisthana chakra?

To pronounce this name, follow the method below.

Swathishthana = swa+ dhi + shthana

If you speak these words in the above mentioned pieces, you will be able to pronounce correctly.

Swadhisthana chakra location

This chakra is 3 inches below the navel in our body and just behind the genetical organs.This chakra is just above the root chakra.

swadhisthana chakra colour

The color of the Swadhisthana Chakra is orange.

Svadhisthanna chakra Mantra

The mantra of the Swadhisthana Chakra is : Vam(वं)

Swadhishthana symbol


We have given the symbol of the Swadhisthana chakra above, you can see.  Around this cycle one has to imagine a 6-petal lotus.  And it rotates clock wise.

What happens when Swadhisthana chakra opens or activated or balanced?

  • Your creativity increases.
  • You get positive thoughts.  Dirty thoughts stop coming.
  • Your poitivity increases.
  • Your sex energy comes under control. Your dirty thoughts related to sex will stop.
  • Your enthusiasm and passion increases.

How To Open Your Sacral Chakra ?/ How to activate Swathisthana Chakra

Below we have given some ways, through that you can definitely balance or activate or open your chakra.

  • You should do something creative.  Which will increase your creativity and passion.  Such as dancing, singing, drawing or something that is creative for you.
  • You should chant the mantra of Swadhisthana chakra regularly.
  • Accept your sexuality.  Do not hate it.
  • You should eat orange fruit.
  • You can practice Yogasanas associated with this chakra.  Which we have given below.
  • You can activate this chakra by using Reiki.

How do I know if my  sacral chakra is blocked?

With the help of the symptoms given below, you can find out whether your chakra is blocked or not.

  • Your creativity is decreasing.
  • You get less positive thoughts.
  • You get more dirty thoughts related to sex.
  • You seem to be losing passion and enthusiasm.
  • You are getting intoxicated.  And you get negative thoughts.

Swadhisthana yoga poses

  • Badhha Konasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Paschhimotasana
  • All types of yoga related to hip

Swadhishthana affirmations

  • My emotions are balanced.
  • I feel full peace from within
  • I am creative creature.
  • I accept my sexuality.
  • I release need to addictive substances.
  • I am Holly creature.
  • I am comfortable in my body.
  • Sex is sacred connection.

Faq related to this Chakra


What does it feel like when your sacral chakra opens or Activated or Balanced ?

You start growing in creativity, enthusiasm and passion.  You seem happy in relationships.  You start getting positive thoughts.  Your sex energy will come under control.

How do I unblock my sacral chakra?

You should chant the mantra.  You can use Reiki.  You can do something creative.  We have explained its method above

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We have given detailed information about Swathisthana chakra above.  We hope you like it.

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