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Meditaion for sleep | meditation music | METHODS OF MEDITATION





Gym and yoga help you to build your outer structure as meditation help you to build-up your inner structure.

As we know if you want to build the building you must have to make a solid foundation to make it steady and last long. Meditation is also like a foundation that will help you build-up your concentration, your mindset, your inner peace, and many more things.


Sometimes in life due to some incidents, your mind gets disturbs, and when you try other distractions to get away from that incident or that thought it only works f0r quite sometimes, and again the process of overthinking and overburdening gets started.

While distractions suppress the foul thoughts and create a false domain which does not last long but by Meditation, you can travel inside yourself and can mine out the unlimited potential you have unless creating a false domain of distraction it will create a domain of endless possibilities and opportunities you have. by meditation and deep thinking, you can overcome those incidents or negative thoughts. Not only negative thoughts Meditation can cure many diseases such as high blood pressure, anxiety, overthinking, and many more.

Many peoples are complaining that they have very weak concentration or memory power. But when you saw another guy who has a skill great concentration and memory power, they did not born with that they improve themselves by different techniques and perseverance. And meditation provides you the ladder to climb up that tree of positive thoughts, concentration, and memory power.



As there is not only one way to solve a math problem there is not a single way to do meditation. There are many ways are given into the ancient books and many ways were founded by practicing and experimenting on themselves. I am here to tell you about all the methods but you have to choose by yourself which method is better for you.

in some ancient books which we call VEDAS & PURANAS, there is a specific technique given in which they taught meditation by chanting the mantra of any god in which you have faith in or just concentrate on the idol of the god or goddess, by doing that you can concentrate your thought on one place and just enjoy the peace which is flowing like a water through your mind, but as this is the first blog about meditation we will just talk about some easy techniques of meditation. we will get to the brief parts in the next blogs.

There are some ways of meditation when technology seems very helpful


Today I will give you brief information about meditation music only


If you are living in an urban area then almost in everyday life you are facing the noise pollutions the constant honks of the cars and the never-ending chit-chat of peoples. naturally, our brain is not made to bear those nuisances in regular life but due to our lifestyle, we just can’t get away from it. So if there is any problem there the solution must have been there somewhere. and I think meditation music is the best solution for those peoples who are just frustrated by the honking sounds of cars or they are the beginner in meditation.

you can do it even when you are at home. But I think the important use of that music is you can even do meditate while you are in the bus or train to just calm your mind or to get some sleep.



Using meditation music to meditate is as easy as breathing.

  • Just put on the headphone
  • play the meditation music you like
  • close your eyes
  • concentrate on music, listen to the beats, try to capture the minimal sound which is playing in the background
  • and just go with the flow

if you have sleeping problems you will definitely get your solution with that I often got sleepy after listening to that music.


The meditation music you will get free on the youtube I am giving the links to some of my favorite meditation music

i hope it will help you


if you love to know more about chanting

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