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»Katichakrasana【Steps , Benefits,Contraindications 】




Hello friends,  yoga can bring big impact in your life.  Today we are going to discuss one such yoga. We will give you detailed information about Katichakrasana in this article.

Yoga helps to keep our life healthy.  There are many yoga poses which are very beneficial for you.

After reading today’s article of Katichakrasana , you will definitely include it in your yoga routine.


Katichakrasana Meaning

Katichakrasana is composed of three words.  Kati , Chakra and Asana

  • Kati  means waist
  • Chakra means wheel
  • Asana means pose

This means rotating the waist like a wheel.


Sanskrit Name 


English Name 

Standing Spinal Twist

Level of Pose




Katichakrasana Benefits


  • Makes muscles of hands and feet strong.

Many people have this problem that their arm and leg muscles are weak.  This asana is very beneficial for those people.


  • Makes the spine flexible.

The practice of katichkrasana causes stretching of the neck, back, shoulders and thighs.  Due to which these organs become flexible.


  • By doing this asana, blood circulation in the body is well done.

By doing this asana, blood circulation in the body starts very well.  This is very beneficial for people who have this type of problem.

  • The lungs get strength and there is a good circulation of blood around the heart.



katichakrasana Steps


  • Step#1: First of all, you stand up straight and give a distance of about 2 to 2.5 feet in the legs.
  • Step#2: Keep paws and neck straight.  Then raise both hands up.
  • Step#3: Now leaving the breath out, the body will bend right and backward.
  • Step#4: Now while breathing, straighten the hands and come back to the previous position.
  • Step#5: Then leaving the breath out, the body will bend left and backward.
  • Step#6: again come back to the previous position.
  • Step#7: Practice this asana 3 to 5 times.



Katichakrasana Contradiction

  • Those who have suffered any kind of neck injury should not do this asana.
  • People who have any type of back injury should not do this asana.
  • If there is a serious shoulder problem, those people should not do this asana.
  • Those who have a heart problem should not do Katichakrasana

Tips For Beginners

  • If you are doing this asana for the first time, then you should not forcefully do this asana.
  • You should do this posture as much as possible.


We have given all the details about Katichakrasana above.  We hope you enjoy reading.  We will continue to bring similar articles related to yoga and health on this site.

If you liked this article, then definitely share it to your friends and family.  We will get motivation from this.  Thank you for visiting our site.

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