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How to do parvatasana(The Mountain pose)? Benefits and precautions to take





Yoga is a very vast subject, The ancient Yoga guru “Shree Maharshi Patanjali” taught different kinds of yoga in various conditions. He once said that yoga can be learned from any natural things or beings which are on the mother-earth. you can learn yoga from the cat(Cat Pose), you can learn yoga from the Rabbit(Rabbit pose), same as today we will get some interesting information about The Parvatasana (The mountain pose). And know the procedure, Benefits, and some precautions you should take when you are doing the parvatasana.So first we have know some basics, like

What is Parvatasana (The Mountain Pose)?Meaning

The “Parvatasana” word is derived from the Sanskrit word “parvat” means “mountain” and  “asana” means “asan(pose)“. In parvatasana you will be resemble as the peak of the mountain that’s why it is also called mountain pose. This is considered to be one the important pose to increase concentration and for the spine and chest muscles also. You can do this yoga while doing padmasana, or Vajrasana whatever you prefer

How to do parvatasana?

Before starting parvatasana you have to sit in a pose in which you can sit comfortably you can sit in normal sitting, or you can sit in padmasana or you can sit in vajrasna. we prefer vajrasana.

  • first, sit in the vajrasana position
  • Then join your palms together in front of your chest in Namaskar mudra
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Feel the heat which comes out of your Nostrils
  • Then raise the joint of palms above your head as straight as possible, but don’t push it too hard. Do it as much you can.
  • Raise your hand as your Bisceps should ideally touch to your ears
  • Now, stretch yourself upward as much you can without your buttocks ever losing contact with your heels
  • Hold, and as you relax gently bring back your joint of palm to in front of your chest
  • then you can while finishing it you can rest your hand on your thighs







Benefits of Parvatasna.

  1. Flexibility and strength: Due to parvatasana the flexibility and the core strength will increase Because of the pose of stretching and loosening, The arms and shoulder muscles strength got improve and due to
  2. Backpain: And because of the sitting position it helps in the lower back pain.
  3. Cavity: It’s great for the people who have a chest cavity.
  4. Posture: Parvatasana is good for working peoples who need a good stretch. It helps your spine retain its normal S shape and with that, it improves your body posture
  5. Improve digestion: This pose includes the belly movement which gives natural massage to the belly which provides essential juice to the belly by which the digestion system gets active and improves digestion.
  6. Calm your mind: While doing Parvatasana the blood flow increase in your brain and which helps your brain to release stress,        anxiety, and depression by the regular practice of parvatasana you can set your self materialistic free. improving your body strength its also improves your mental strength and leads you to the path of spirituality.

Parvatasana  contraindications/ Precaution.

  • Shoulder Injury: If you already have shoulder related problems and still you stretch your arms beyond your limitations then it can be harmful to your body.
  • Spine injury: if you injured your spine before then this pose is not for you.
  • Insomnia: Patients of insomnia should not do this asana.
  • Headache: If you are having any kind of headache then, do not try it at all. because while doing yoga your blood flow increases and,  having headaches this can be harmful.


Beginners tips:-

If you are a beginner then it might be possible that you don’t have much flexibility in your body, so start slow don’t push yourself too hard otherwise you can injure yourselves, and before trying this yoga do not drink water it can cause stomachache and can be a problem.

Get parvatasana(The mountain pose) in your daily routine to experience the health benefits of yoga. it will sync your body soul and mind and takes you to the journey of spirituality which eventually leads you to a better and healthy lif

Thank you for reading hope I can give you some amount of knowledge I have, stay tuned for more helpful blogs




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