Gaming Addiction – The Side Effects of Online Games

online games side effects

Gaming Addiction – The Side Effects of Online Games

The online games have some really interesting stories of people who are having problems while playing these games. There are times when the players become addicted and they can’t stop playing the games. In some cases, the players find that these games make them feel relaxed and calm. It is important to know about these side effects because this might help you to decide whether to play the games or not.

Depression is one of the most common side effects of online games. This happens if the player feels so depressed that he can’t move his eyes or his head. This can also happen if he is playing a game in which he gets irritated. In some cases, the player might also hallucinate. This can happen as a result of lack of sleep or due to continuous irritation.

Anxiety is another addiction that can be observed. Many people can get so anxious that they become unable to perform their daily activities. The player might be irritable and this might trigger anxiety. Other players can become addicted to these games because the graphics in these games trigger fear and anxiety. Moreover, too much gaming can cause damage to the brain.

Headaches and stress are other common side effects of online games. These are caused by too much caffeine and excessive sugar in the body. In addition, there are some people who become addicted to these games because of too much tension or their everyday lives. If the person is working full time or studying then he might face problems in getting enough rest and consume the right amount of food to support himself.

Irritability is yet another addiction that is observed. In most cases, this is caused by the artificiality of the game which makes it very hard for the player to concentrate. In addition, if you are not aware of the game then you might experience difficulty in controlling the character. This might result in increased irritability. There are also many people who become irritated when they do not receive feedback from other players.

Anxiety is another problem. Many people suffer from this condition while playing video games. The symptoms include headache, nausea and nervousness. This is often because of the artificiality of the game scenario. When the player is in the middle of the game, he might feel panic and this might increase the level of his anxiety.

Some people try to solve this addiction by going to counseling. It is important to seek help early before the problem escalates. In fact, many online game companies provide this kind of counseling. The Addiction Institute of Chicago is one institute that has successfully treated several addiction cases with the help of hypnotherapy, counseling and group games.

It is important to avoid consuming too much caffeine or sugar while playing these games. Too much of anything can cause side effects. There are also various types of alcohols and drugs that can have harmful effects. Parents need to control the use of mobile phones while the kids are using them. Games can be played on laptops but the screen should be kept away from the eyes. In this way, side effects of mobile games can be controlled and enjoyable.

A lot of parents have found it hard to take their children out of the habit of gaming. They think that the games can be used for entertainment but children can get addicted to them and start losing their inhibitions. They start thinking about how to beat their opponents. This addiction is similar to the habit of smoking which can be overcome by giving up cigarettes once and for all.

Children can spend a lot of money on games if they are addicted to them. However, it is not advisable to let them play games online for money. If children lose their sense of reality, they can get into serious financial problems. There are sites that offer money for playing games online but parents should check whether the site is legitimate.

Some websites offer good incentives to players to encourage them to play. Parents should keep an eye on such offers. There are certain online games that can be downloaded free of cost but you must remember that you can end up downloading viruses. The children can spend hours playing these games. It is important to monitor their activities so that there is no possibility of them falling prey to the online games addiction.

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