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Brahma Muhurta

【Brahma Muhurta】》Time | Benefits | What to do | Importance




Friends, you may have heard of Brahma muhurta.  You must also have these questions in your mind.

What does Brahma muhurta mean?
In which time does Brahma muhurta start?
What is the importance of Brahma muhurta?
What to do in Brahma muhurta ?
What not to do in Brahma muhurta?

So you do not need to worry, we are going to give satisfactory answers to all your questions in this article.

Welcome to our site  We are going to discuss a well-known topic today.  Today we are going to give all kinds of information about Brahma Muhurta. So keep reading.

What does Brahma Muhurta mean?

Brahma muhurta is a Sanskrit language word. This word is made up of two short words.  One is Brahma and the other is Muhurta.

Brahma means divine or best. Muhurta means time. Meaning Brahma Muhurta means that good time or the time of Gods.

Brahma Muhurta Time
/ In which time does Brahma muhurta start?

According to Hinduism, the day is divided into 4 parts and the night is divided into four parts.

Four parts of the day : 1. Purvahan 2. Madhyahan  3. Aprahan  4. Sayamkal

Four parts of the night : 1. Pradosh 2. Nishith 3. Triyama  4. Usha

All these parts are called prahar That means there are 8 prahars in total.

There are 30 Muhurats in the entire 24 hoursDuration of a Muhurta is of 48 minutes. There are two Muhurtas in one Prahar.

The last prahar of the night is called Usha.  The first Muhurta in Usha Prahar is called Brahma muhurta. Meaning this Muhurta starts in the morning before sunrise. This time is considered best for waking up.

What is the importance of Brahma muhurta?

Brahma Muhurta is very important.  This is considered to be the best time.
We have explained the importance of this Muhurta in two parts.

  1. Religious significance
  2. Scientific significance

1. Scientific significance

The amount of oxygen in This time is very high.  We get pure air.  Due to taking such air, the lungs get stronger, they work well.

This time in Ayurveda is called Amrit Bela.  During this time, going for a walk gives a huge amount of energy in the body.  By doing this, you stay away from many diseases.

Due to the power of law of attraction increases during the time of this Muhurta, due to that, you get what you think.

Meditation should be done in Brahma Muhurta. Meditation helps to get rid of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress.

Meditation in this time increases memory power, which is very beneficial for you.

2. Religious significance

It is believed that in earlier times in India, Rishimuni used to wake up during the time of this Brahma Muhurta.

Rishi Muni used to like to perform Yajna, recitation of Vedas, etc. like worship at this time. The worship that is done in this Muhurta is more important than other times.

At this time, the entire environment is pure and peaceful.  It is believed that all the gods roam the earth at this time. By praying in this best time, God gets pleased quickly.

Due to waking up in this Muhurta, we experience the wonderful freshness and also increase eagerness to work.  Due to which the chance of being successful increases.

By getting up in this time comes a new positivity in itself.  Due to these positivities, various types of diseases in our body disappear.

By waking up in this Muhurta, we have virtues like humility and happiness.

What to do in Brahma muhurta ?

You must also have a question in your mind that if you wake up in the morning but what to do after getting up, we have told you below that you should do it.

  1. You must first worship and pray to God
  2. Then you should practice yoga, meditation.
  3. You should use the law of attraction.  For this, you should visualize and write about what you want.
  4. You should study.  Whatever subject you want to do.  You can also read something good that will inspire you.

The best time for students to study is Brahma Muhurta.  Studying at this time is more beneficial for you.


What not to do in Brahma muhurta?

You get a lot of benefit by getting up in Brahma Muhurta.  But there are some things which should not be done.  Which can also cause loss

We have explained below some such tasks which you should not do.

  1. You should not think negatively.
  2. You should not debate or have a conversation.
  3. You shouldn’t make a loud noise
  4. You should not have sex in Brahma Muhurta
  5. You must not drink alcohol or any other form of intoxication.
  6. You must not use your mobile or any other electronic devices.

Indian Culture and Brahma Muhurta

Brahma muhurta has been given much importance in Indian culture.  In the Indian mythological scriptures, many things have been told about this Muhurta.

We tell you some Shloka of Indian Vedas below, in which Brahma Muhurta is mentioned.

1. ॥यद्य सूर उदितोऽनागा मित्रोऽर्यमा । सुवाति सविता भगः॥

Meaning – One should defecate and bathe before sunrise in the morning.  After this one should worship God.  The pure and clean air of this time leads to health and wealth growth.

2. ॥प्रातारत्नं प्रातरिष्वा दधाति तं चिकित्वा प्रतिगृह्यनिधत्तो । तेन प्रजां वर्धयमान आयू रायस्पोषेण सचेत सुवीरः॥

Meaning – The person who wakes up before the sun rises in the morning has good health.  That is why intelligent people do not waste this time in vain.  A person who gets up early in the morning is healthy, happy, strong and longevity.

3.  ।। उद्यन्त्सूर्य इव सुप्तानां द्विषतां वर्च आददे ।।

Meaning – Even after the sun rises, those who do not wake up or wake up lose their glory

Meaning, this verse wants to say that one who gets up in this Muhurta gets freshness and energy.  And those who don’t rise don’t get

We have given information about Brahma muhurta in detail above.  We hope you like it.  In the article above:

What does Brahma muhurta mean? , Brahma muhurta timing,
In which time does this muhurta start? ,
What is the importance of Brahma muhurta?,
What to do in Brahma muhurta? ,
What not to do in this muhurta?
We have answered all these questions in detail.

We will keep writing good articles for you in future also.  If you liked today’s article of Brahma Muhurta then share it with your friends and relatives.  This will give us motivation. Thank you for visiting our site.

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